Teaching Vowel Sounds

I have a few fun posts lined up for this week and I am super excited about them!  First, I want to teach you about teaching vowel sounds.  Hearing the different sounds within a word is difficult.  Learning to sound out words, and hear the correct vowel sounds can be hard and confusing.  So, here is how I would recommend teaching vowel sounds.


Teaching vowel sounds

Start off by only focusing on one vowel sound.  I recommend teaching the short vowel a sound.  Teach the child the a sound in cat.  Emphasize the short a sound:  caaaaat, baaaat, maaaat, raaat, saaaat.  Do not teach any other vowel sounds until your child or student understand the short vowel a sound.  Do activities and crafts around the short letter a, and really makes sure that when teaching vowel sounds, the students HEAR and UNDERSTAND the sound that the short letter a sound is making.

Once they can hear the short vowel sound a, then, help them that cat becomes cot, and bat becomes bit, and mat becomes met….Show them that the vowel is controlling the word.  Help them to understand that the vowel sound controls how the word sounds and what the word means.

We have free videos and worksheets to teach the short a sound.

Here is a goofy post on how to teach the short a sound.

Also, here is a great free worksheet to teach the letter.

You could also read The Cat in the Hat.  

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