Best Paper Airplane to Teach Letter A

I don’t know about you, but my children LOVE to make paper airplanes.  It is quick and easy to entertain them by making a paper airplane.  After making a paper airplane for each one of them, they are usually enthralled with them for like fifteen minutes, flying them everywhere inside the house.  Then, they usually have a competition for another good fifteen minutes, to see which paper airplane can fly the furthest.  My husband makes the best paper airplanes.  I generally used to make the worst.  The kids got used to their dad’s awesome flying planes.  So, one day when he left for work and I was left doing paper airplane duty, we had a real problem on our hands.  The kids were sad, I was frustrated.  How could I be so pathetic at making paper airplanes?  So, when daddy came home, I asked him for a tutorial.  He showed all of us how to make them – so, now at least even my oldest (age 9), does a pretty decent job at it.  What I discovered when I made the best airplane is that not only is it the best paper airplane because it flies the longest and the fastest, but it is the best paper airplane because YOU CAN MAKE IT LOOK LIKE THE LETTER A!  You can USE IT TO TEACH THE LETTER A!  Holy Cow AMAZING!  (Can you sense my excitement?)  This is a seriously cool discovery that has implications for school children all around the country! Okay, maybe I am being a little over dramatic…(no, I really don’t think so.  This is an amazing paper airplane!)


Steps to make a paper airplane that turns into a letter A. Great way to teach the letter A!

So, here is what you do…



Steps to make a paper airplane that turns into a letter A. Great way to teach the letter A!
Here is a link for the worksheet you need to make your paper airplane.  Put the two pages back to back.    Look at the pictures above of the front of the paper and the back of the paper.  With the front of paper looking at you/facing you, fold the paper in half and fold the corners down to the center (as shown above).
 Steps to make a paper airplane that turns into a letter A. Great way to teach the letter A!
With the corners folded down, fold the paper in half again.  Then, take the diagonal corner and fold it down to the half page crease.   (Do on the other side of the airplane as well).  Then, do the same thing again – take the diagonal and fold it toward the half page crease again.  (Do on the other side of the airplane as well).  Then you are done and you have your letter A!  
Then you get to reinforce to your little one that you have a paper airplane that makes the capital letter A!  
Then, as you fly your letter A, have fun trying to land them on the paper airplane landing strips!  You can have your child make the noise of an airplane, which, of course is “aaaaa”  (Both the short and long A sound!).   
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  1. Such a great idea – I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before! Seems so obvious now!
    Pinned and shared!

  2. Hey,
    This is an excellent post! I love making paper airplanes, and this is such a creative way to do it! I’m sure that many educators and parents will have a fun time doing this with their kids!

    1. Thank you! It was certainly a fun discovery and now when my children make their paper airplanes, they have fun making a letter A too!

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