“And” Sight Word Worksheet

When teaching a child to read, it is essential that you teach both sight words and phonics.  Today I have an “and” sight word worksheet download for you.  This is a sample page of our larger sight word packet that contains all of the dolch sight words.

Sight words are (usually) words that are difficult to sound out.  Frequently words that children read can contain up to 80% of sight word text!  Because children have to read sight words so frequently, it is essential to make sure that children can read these words fluently (accurately and quickly).  When teaching sight words, though, you don’t want to just teach them using flash cards.  Children need to read sight words IN CONTEXT.   Sight words are more easily remembered and understood when you read them in the context of a sentence.

In addition,  it it great to practice writing sight words in the context of a sentence (or, cutting and pasting sight words into a sentence).  The more practice, the easier reading becomes!   If you differentiate the sight word activities, students will continue to have fun learning.

Sight Word Fluency Mini-Book BUNDLE!  
We have a large bundle of sight word fluency mini-books all bundled together that we think you will love!  The large bundle of sight word fluency books has 90 different CVC mini-books – (It includes 3 different mini-books for 30 word families) .  Our word family cvc mini-book bundle is on sale now! And Sight Word Worksheet Title

2 Free ‘And’ Sight Word Worksheets

The “And” Sight word worksheet has a few activities to help students read and write the word fluently.  On the worksheet, students are asked to read, trace, write, spell, color and write a sentence using the sight word.

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