Fall Roll and Write!

If you know me, I love to play games.  Today we have a fun Fall Roll and Write game!  Today’s Fall Roll and Write is for sight words, but you could change it and play to write the letters, word families, numbers, name, etc!  I am going to include this Roll and Write template/dice in my growing sight word bundle worksheet pack!  Anyway, before we begin, I like to recommend another activity that would be fun to do along side this activity.  So, today I recommend Sight Word Swat…because who does not love swatting at flies that have sight words on them?

Learning Resources Sight Word Swat Game, 114 PiecesLearning Resources Sight Word Swat Game, 114 Pieces

Fall Roll and Write

Fall Roll and Write

So today we have a fun Fall Roll and Write the Sight Word game.  The words we will write are “see, the, one”  You can even have the students use different colored pencils, crayons or makers when they write (to make things more fun and colorful).  They could color the dice and then when they roll the color and sight word, they can write with that color.  Boom. Fun.  (Boom.  Educational fun!).

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Fall Roll and Write
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  1. At the dollar store you can purchase dice to write on . One less thing to copy. You could also assign the dice dot a value and roll a normal dice/smartboard dice.
    Thanks for sharing this great idea. You always spark other ideas with me after I read your posts! Thank you so much!

    1. You are so welcome and …Thanks for the fantastic idea! I have not seen that dice at the dollar store, but that is a great idea! I will look for one, (and hopefully others see this and will too!) Thanks!…

  2. Praying for your Mom. I can’t get the freebies to work. When I try to type in my name, etc. , it won’t let me.

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