Family Christmas Party Games

Christmas games are a great way of sharing. They are a way of something tangible to get into the festive, jolly and relaxed mode for the holidays. It is easy to get caught up in all the preparation and
shopping and become ridden with anxiety. Once the Holidays arrive though, playing Family Christmas Party Games are a way to put you in the holiday mood.  Here are some great Family Christmas Party games that will cause fierce but friendly competition and leave everyone in a
jolly mood.

Family Christmas Party Games

When hosting family for Christmas, add to the festive mood with Family Christmas Party Games. Fierce but friendly competition leaves everyone jolly.
First, to begin, there are some quick and easy Family Christmas Party Games at Amazon… you can take a look for yourself, or find some more creative/home made ideas below!

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  •  For the ‘Gift Wrap’ game, items needed will be small gifts, wrapping paper, scotch tape and music that can be turned on and off at will. Each gift item is wrapped in several layers of paper. The number of layers used will depend on the duration you want the game to last. A gift is given to the group which should start passing around the gift when the music starts. Whenever the music stops, whoever has the gift should remove one layer of gift wrap. This continues until the last layer of paper is removed. Whoever has the gift unwrapped gets to keep it.
  • Another Family Christmas Party games  is the ‘Sock Guessing’ game.  The items needed for the ‘Sock Guessing’ Christmas game are two or three thick  new thermal socks, items used or seen during Christmas, pens, pencils and paper.  Each sock is stuffed with 20-25 items that are used or seen during the Christmas season. These can be useful items such as scotch tape, ornaments, decorations etc. Each sock should have the same items and the opening should be tied with a ribbon so the contents inside aren’t visible. The socks are then passed around for each person to try to feel and guess the items then write down what they think is in the sock. The person with the most correct guesses of objects is the winner and can be awarded a separate special gift or token.
  • The ‘Gift Grab Card Game’ needs two deck of cards and a few small Christmas gifts that are wrapped to look very interesting and enticing. One deck of cards is passed out one at a time to guests. Each should have an equal number of cards from the deck. The gifts are then placed in the center of the group. Someone then calls out cards from the second deck. Whoever has an identical card gets to choose a gift. When all the gifts are taken, everyone can steal gifts from each other until the deck is finished and those with gifts get to open and keep them as prizes. The fun increases when the stealing begins because everyone will have different ideas about which gift looks interesting and try to hang onto it by stealing it over and over if it is stolen. Some people will also try to disguise the fact they have a gift, although they should be kept in sight.
  • A children’s Christmas game is ‘Pin the Nose on the Reindeer,‘ which is the Christmas game version of ‘Pin the tail on the Donkey.’ The items needed are a drawing of a reindeer’s head with an incomplete drawing of the nose and several noses with the names on one side and tape on the other. The picture should be placed against a wall so that children can reach the nose. Each child then gets a nose. They take turns being blindfolded spun around a couple times to disorient them a little then told to walk to the reindeer and place the nose on the picture. The child who places the nose closes to the reindeer’s nose wins.
  • A delightful Christmas game for work is the ‘Match the Desk to the Item’ game. A day or so before the Christmas party at work, someone needs to secretly take one item from each person’s desk and assign a number to each item. At the party, all the items are displayed for everyone to guess whose desk the item belongs to.
  • Family Bingo!  Everyone loves a good Bingo game…..Grandma and kids a like!
  • Have an ugly sweater contest!   Have people find and wear the ugliest Christmas sweater they can find …  then set up a family photo booth with props!
  • Play Christmas Charades!  You can make up your own things that people have to act out…OR, buy a box of ideas.  Can you pretend you are frosty the snowman and get people to guess who you are?


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  1. Ooh! What fun ideas! Can’t wait to try them with my 5 boys. The Gift Wrap games looks interesting…I think it would be great for helping kids learn self-control. So glad that I found you through Learning Kids Link-Up!

    1. We love playing games together… it definitely a great way to help teach kids (and adults) how to play nicely together! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great ideas. Nothing like a good family game to bring people together – it’s one of my favourite times of year because we sit down together to a game. Will try out some of these.

  3. Thank you for linking up at “A Little Bird Told Me” Wednesday link party! You have been featured on Mama’s Happy Hive blog. 🙂

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