Help Your Child’s Readiness for Kindergarten

Help your Child’s Readiness for Kindergarten

If you want to prepare your child for kindergarten, this is an amazing amount of materials that will have your little one over prepared and confident on Day 1. When you are finished with the 25 days, your child will be reading better than many kindergarten students!

Our philosophy is when a child is confident in what he is reading, he will love to read and love to learn. These 25 days will give your child confidence and a love of reading and learning.

Included in this digital download:

1) 25 days of: Word for word instruction on how to teach your child to read.
2) Alphabet workbook: Fun alphabet pictures and directions on how to teach the alphabet
3) Short A phonics worksheets
4) Word family ladders to build fluency
5) I see Sight Word Book (A book your child will read after Day 10)
6) Seek and Find phonics fun book

This is a no-prep packet! Just read the word for work instructions and easily help your child learn to read.

This packet is great if you are a teacher and are going to tutor students this summer to get them ready for kindergarten. It is also great if you are parent wanting to help your child get your child ready for kindergarten.

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