Adorable Ladybug Learning Activity for preschool or kindergarten

I  love to use ladybugs to help teach!  Today I have a fun and adorable Ladybug Learning Activity that I hope you will enjoy.  I used the ladybug to help teach beginning sounds but you can easily adapt this ladybug to teach numbers, word families, ESL vocabulary and more!

Today I am going to share ladybug learning activity tools for kids to get more familiar with some facts they learn. The example pictures here show some upper and lower case letters for children to memorize. You can use other facts, such as multiplication and addition as well.

Let’s first begin by checking out a few of my favorite ladybug books!

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Ladybug Learning Activity

List of Supplies:

  1. Cardstock paper – red, black and white
  2. Craft glue
  3. Scissors
  4. Pencil – for tracing the template
  5. Letters, words and pictures print outs
  6. Brad paper clip or press buttons
  7. Ladybug template cut out
  8. Awl or paper punch – to make hole on the cardstock paper

Ladybug Learning Activity Steps


Step (1)

Trace the patterns from the template on the selected cardstock papers. Cut out the body pattern out of black cardstock, the 2 wings from the red cardstock, the 2 small circles from black cardstock and the 2 big circles from white cardstock paper.

Ladybug Learning Activity Steps

Step (2)

Take the body pattern and the 2 wing cut outs and punch holes on them on the marked circles on all 3 parts. The main ahs 2 small circles and each wing have 1 circle; punch holes on those circles.

Ladybug Learning Activity Steps

Step (3)

Now, glue the small black circles on the white big circles, these will be the eyes f the ladybug. Glue the eyes on the upper part (the small semi circle on the upper part of the body).

Ladybug Learning Activity Steps

Step (4)

Place the wings on the top of the body by matching the holes on them. Use brad paper clips or press buttons to join the wings with the body by attaching them through the holes.

Ladybug Learning Activity Steps

Step (5)

Print and cut out the pictures, letters or words. You can create your own printable or you can use the printable given with this tutorial.

Ladybug Learning Activity Steps

Step (6)

Now simply s the picture and letter cut outs on the wings.

By closing the wings the letters will match with the pictures on the opposite wing.

Ladybug Learning Activity Steps

To get the pictures that can be used for this activity, please enter your name/email into the form below and they will automatically be emailed to you.  If you have any trouble, please email me at [email protected] and I will be happy to help you.  For this activity, I have pictures for the letter L, B, U and also the ug word family.

Adorable Ladybug Craft
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A fun and creative way to learn!

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