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We have a fun sight word packet for you today!  This sight word packet has monsters on it.  We actually have thousands of Sight Word Pages – hundreds for each month of the year…  cute ones with leprechauns for March or pumpkins for October.  These are our “summer edition” sample packet -it contains the sight words “a, and, away, big and  blue”.  You can also find some great Sight Word Worksheets that are already printed on amazon too!  Anyway, today we are talking a little bit about prescchool sight words and then you will be able to get your free sample worksheets of our monster sight word packet  – with the sight words a, and, away, big and blue.

Sight Words for Preschoolers - Dolch bundle pre-primer sample pack: 15 pages included, 3 pages/sight word: big, blue, a, away, and

As you may know, there are several different lists of sight words that people generally use to help teach children to read.  Sight words really should be learned in context so that they make sense to the reader.  They should also be memorized/known instantly/fluently when someone reads them.  When little readers read, most of the words they read (70%!) are “sight words” so, if a child knows these words by sight/instantly, it really helps with their confidence in reading because they can read most words.  Our Learn to read free sight word reading program teaches sight words in context to help the children gain confidence with reading.  We then introduce phonics and help children learn to sound out words as well.

Our Learn to read free sight word reading program  has its own set of sight words, in its own order.  The other sight word lists that are popular are the “Dolch sight words” and the “Frye Sight Words”.  The words on each of these lists are all the same, children just learn the different sight words at different times/ (the orders are sorted differently).  Our  Learn to read free sight word reading program words appear in an order that allows us to teach the sight words in context so that students gain confidence with reading.  When I create products, I usually try to create products in the order of our program, but these worksheet bundles I put in the Dolch Sight word list order.  This free worksheet packet has words from the pre-primer sight word list, so they are considered great sight words for preschoolers to learn!

Here is a list of preschool sight words…  I found this list here.  The words in red are words that we introduce and teach in context in our Learn to read free sight word reading program during the first 30 days!  So, if I student completes the first 25-30 days of our program, they will be very prepared and know their preschool sight words.  As such, I created a 25 days to prepare for kindergarten packet that gives you all the tools we feel will prepare your little one to be a great little reader BEFORE entering kindergarten!  (This is how I prepare my own children for kindergarten!)  (The words that are not in red are all on the kindregarten list -so, if a student completes our first 25 days, they will be reading at or better kindergarten level!)


Anyway, this packet has 15 pages:  3 pages for 5 different sight words:  and, away, big, a, blue.

Sight Words for Preschoolers - Dolch bundle pre-primer sample pack: 15 pages included, 3 pages/sight word: big, blue, a, away, andSight Words for Preschoolers - Dolch bundle pre-primer sample pack: 15 pages included, 3 pages/sight word: big, blue, a, away, and

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