Polar Express Activities for Kindergarten

Polar Express Activities for Kindergarten

There are so many fun Polar Express Activities for Kindergarten you can do to help celebrate the holiday season and maybe even sneak in some learning and reading comprehension…. Here are my favorite Polar Express Day ideas.

  • Read the Book, The Polar Express.  While this may seem like a “no brainer”, I wanted to point it out…just in case!
  • Watch the movie,  The Polar Express.  I know, another easy one…  but, definitely a fun activity.
  • Make hot chocolate
  • Arrange the room like you are on a train and act out the book. You can serve hot chocolate.
  • Have a PJ day!  There is nothing more relaxing than spending the day in your PJs, listening to the book or watching the movie and enjoying hot chocolate.
  • Make a Christmas bell ornament.  Believe in Santa and hear the Polar express bells -tie a thread of yard around a tiny bell and you have an EASY take-home project for kids to enjoy.
  • Make a Polar Express train craft out of construction paper.
  • Make some Fake Snow slime...
  • Make Hot Chocolate Playdoh
  • Have the kids make an easy kid made gift for a loved one.
  • Make Christmas cards
  • Write a Christmas wishlist
  • Decorate Chirstmas Cookies
  • Have Santa come, ringing a bell.  Talk about if the kids hear the bell and believe in Santa
  • Make easy Christmas ornaments
  • Sing Christmas songs/go caroling
  • Play Beginning Sound Christmas bingo
  • Do fun Polar Express Activities
  • Go sledding!  Pretend the sled is a train and go back and forth to visit Santa
  • Have a cotton ball or sock snow-ball fight
  • Decorate Gingerbread houses
  • Clean the desks/counters with shaving cream…the shaving cream is snow and draw fun pictures in the “snow”
  • Skate around the floor in your socks
  • Have a dance party to Christmas music
  • Brainstorm lists of kindness you can do for others while on Christmas break
  • Play Elf Hide and Seek…  hide an elf and have kids look for it!
  • Make paper snowflakes
  • Make a snowman out of marshmallows
  • Have a picnic under the Christmas tree (this is a favorite Christmas tradition in our home)
  • Read more Christmas books
  • Learn about Christmas in different cultures
Polar Express Activities for Kindergarten

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