Teddy Bear Picnic Coloring Pages

Are you ready for a Teddy Bear Picnic?  We are!  We have some more ideas for our Teddy Bear Picnic kindergarten theme.    Today we have some Teddy Bear Picnic Coloring Pages for you.
Free Teddy Bear Picnic Coloring Pages - Make learning fun!

Teddy Bear Picnic Coloring Pages

Before we do our Teddy Bear Picnic coloring pages, lets read a book.  The book i would read is Teddy Bear Picnic by David Grisman and Jerry Garcia (of the Grateful Dead).

Here is a video of Jerry Garcia singing the Teddy Bear’s Picnic song on youtube!  After reading the book you can play the song and then work on practicing and singing together the song.

After reading the book, you could explain to the students you are going to have your own teddy bear picnic!  You will make invitations together and the students will bring in their teddy bears (or other animals) into school for the day.  (I have included a template for the teddy bear picnic invitation below).

On the day of the Teddy Bear Picnic make sure you have some extra teddy bears in case a child forgets to bring one.  You could also have students share bears for the day.

The day the children bring in their teddy bears the students will leave them at their desks before going out to recess (or elsewhere).  When the children return to the classroom the bears will be missing/hidden!  The students will need to look for the bears using their binoculars!  They better dress in disguise while they go look for the bears…(wear your mask or bear hat!)  Once the bears are found, the students have a snack with their bears. (They could have teddy grahams and gummy bears)  They can also do a craft together, and a writing prompt.  (All these things are included below).

Another idea is that instead of having Teddy Bear Picnic Activities for Kindergarten, you could do a Teddy Bear Sleepover!  (OR, you could have both a picnic and a sleepover).  After the picnic is over, you could read the story A Bedtime for Bear (Bear and Mouse) by Bonnie Becker.  This book is about a Bear and a Mouse who go to have a sleepover together but then become frightened and they each keep up the other (until they eventually fall asleep).

After spending the day at the picnic there could be a teddy bear sleepover!  The children have to be okay with leaving their teddy bears at school but once the children leave for the night, the teddy bears get into mischief!  They will be found in the morning having done different activities in the room.  The students will be absolutely delighted when they arrive in the morning to find what their bear had done overnight!  This creates another opportunity for a writing prompt!

Here is what your teddy bear picnic coloring pages look like:
Free Teddy Bear Picnic Coloring Pages - Make learning fun!

A teddy bear picnic and/or Teddy Bear sleepover are a fun way to help reinforce learning in the classroom or it is a fun idea to do at home. To get your free Teddy Bear Picnic Coloring Pages, enter in your email into the form below.  You will be added to our mailing list where you will find out about many fun things.  If you wish o be removed from the mailing list, follow the directions in the email with your coloring pages.

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Teddy Bear Picnic Coloring Pages
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  1. I love teddy bears! These colouring pages are just so adorable. Thanks for sharing on #ToddlerFunFriday

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