Do you want to make a teddy bear?

.Do you want to make a teddy bear?  If you follow me, you know I have several “Do you want to make a….” posts.  In my opinion they are great educational tools.  They are fun, they help with fine motor development.  The help with spacial reasoning and trying to figure out how to put things together.  My kids love to do these activities.

This activities goes great with a Teddy Bear Picnic theme!

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Make a Teddy Bear

Do you want to make a Teddy Bear? Cute, fun, activity that will challenge fine motor cutting and pasting skills.


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Make a Bear
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Want more ideas for a teddy bear picnic?

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  1. Catherine Gerard says:

    Free Make a Teddy Bear Sheet please

    1. Hi there, To get the teddy bear, you enter your name and email into the blue box on the page. I will do that for you now. Be on the look out for it. This is just an fyi so that you know how to do it in the future, if needed.

  2. Can I please have the make a teddy bear sheet?

    1. Yes, you may have the teddy bear sheet! In order to get it, you need to enter your name/email into the blue form on the site and it automatically is emailed to you. I will do that for you now. If you don’t see it in the next few minutes, please check your spam box and if you don’t find it there, email me at [email protected]

    1. Hi there,
      I think you were looking for some free resources on my site but were having some trouble. I updated my site and the free downloads disappeared. I fixed things now and I just entered your email so you should get the download.
      1) Check Spam – sometimes things go there.
      2) Subject is “Here is your free download” – there is a link inside. Sometimes that link is not hyperlinked…you may have to…
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      Thanks! Have fun!

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