Four Free George Washington Kindergarten Worksheets

Are you teaching about George Washington for President’s Day or perhaps some other time?  Today I have some fun George Washington Kindergarten Worksheets that I think you will enjoy!  Before we being, though, I have some fun book recomendations for you…..First read the books, then do the George Washington Kindergarten worksheets….  it will be fun to learn history!

A Picture Book of George Washington (Picture Book Biography)A Picture Book of George Washington (Picture Book Biography)Amazon Buy Now ButtonI am George Washington (Ordinary People Change the World)I am George Washington (Ordinary People Change the World)Amazon Buy Now ButtonWho Was George Washington?Who Was George Washington?Amazon Buy Now Button

4 Four Free George Washington Kindergarten Worksheets

My kids absolutely love the “I am George Washington” book (linked above).  It is cute and clever and fun. After you read a George Washington book, consider making a President’s Day Craft, like George Washington puppet!  After you make your craft, you can color some coloring pages or make a little George Washington mini-book.  The nice thing about the mini-book is that it allows students to sequence the events of President Washington’s life in order.  I have included a little mini-book with the Free George Washington Kindergarten Worksheets!  Here are some pictures of what the free activities look like for today!

Are you teaching about George Washington for President's Day or perhaps some other time? You'll love these George Washington Kindergarten Worksheets

Anyway, to get your activity for today, please enter in your name/email into the blue form below and you will be added to our email list where you will find out about a lot of fun things!  If you have any trouble, please email me at [email protected]

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George Washington Kindergarten Worksheets
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  1. tauni henderson says:

    I signed up to get the George Washington freebie and was sent a link but it didn’t take me to the freebie. What did I do wrong.
    Thank you Tauni

    1. Hi there, ​
      Sorry for your trouble.  Did you check your spam folder…sometimes things go there.  The freebie has a subject of “Here is your free download!” …Inside that email there is a link.  That link, if you click on it, the download will either popup in a new tab or download into your download folder.  Sometimes that link does not come hyperlinked.  If that happens you have to copy/paste the link into a new browser tab and it will then open for you.  If you have trouble with this, though, you can forward me the email/replay to the freebie email you received and I will be happy to help you with it.  In either case.I will enter in the info again for you…. let me know if you don’t get it so that I an get it to you another way 🙂

  2. Arlene Clubb says:

    I signed up to get the link and it did not take me to the download. I copied the link and opened a new browser and it went to the same thing. It really looks cute and I think the kids would like it.

    1. Hi Arlene,
      I think I already emailed you… the links only last 150 hours so that is why your link was not working… I sent you a new link ..enjoy the activity! Thanks for letting me know you were having trouble. I am happy to help

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