How to help your child learn to read

Today I wanted to post on how to teach your child to read.  I thought this would be a great goal for many of you – help your child learn to read!

Do your children set goals?  You may remember our free worksheet for kids to help your children set goals.    My five year old has a goal to be able to read before he starts kindergarten.  He is on Day 20 of our Learn to read free program and he is reading like a pro!  I am so proud of him!

Perhaps you have a little one that you would like help learn to read?  If so, you are in luck!  Sight and Sound Reading is just the place to help you do this…  Here is how you can help your child learn to read!

How to teach your child to read

How to teach your child to read. Five easy steps and free resources to help you. Visit

1)  Determine if your child is ready to read.  Use our free reading readiness test.  If you have a struggling reader, learn how to help your struggling reader.

2)  If your child is ready to read,  learn to read for free by starting on  Day 1 using our free videos and worksheets.  The way our program works:  Eighty percent of the words beginning readers read are sight words.  We start by teaching the children sight words in the context of a story.  The words build upon themselves each day.  The children gain confidence because they know all of the words they are reading and they don’t struggle at all.  Slowly we introduce phonics and teach the children how to sound out words.

3)  After your child has completed Day 20-25 of the program, you can start to introduce more phonics.  Help your child with phonics using our phonics videos and word family videos.

4)  If you would rather teach your child to read yourself -we made that easy too. We offer a teacher’s manual or a premium membership that has word for word instructions of what to say and do.  If you don’t want to print all the worksheets, we offer a workbook from amazon.

So..  are you going to make a goal in 2015 to help someone learn to read?  We hope so!  Let us know how we can help and what questions you have!

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Madreen Karle is a master first grade reading teacher with over 30 years of classroom experience. She taught reading in a special needs and English as a Second Language classroom. After retiring she wrote a reading program to help others learn how to teach reading. She is a trusted educator and author of 5 books to help teach children to read and write. In addition to her books, she is a mentor for 3 websites that give reading teacher tips (Mrs. Karle’s Sight and Sound ReadingMrs. Karle’s Reading Patch, and Mrs. Karle’s Handwriting Patch). Through her teaching she learned that confidence was the key to learning to read. A child who is not confident at reading does not like to read and struggles to read. Mrs. Karle created “sunshine moments” to help teach children how to grow their confidence and learn to read.
Meeghan Karle Mousaw (Madreen’s daughter) has her Master’s in Special Education. She has 8 years experience teaching children to read online. In addition, she developed a curriculum to teach children handwriting called The Handwriting Patch. With the Handwriting Patch learning is fun because children learn to draw and learn handwriting at the same time. In 2019 The Handwriting Patch curriculum became an amazon best seller the first year it was released, helping thousands of kids learn handwriting with a unique, fun method. She is mom to 6 kids, each with differently learning abilities and struggles.
The Reading Patch was established by the creators of Mrs. Karle’s Sight and Sound Reading. Together they have been featured on the NBC media outlets and Parents Magazine online. Over the last 8 years in their online platform, Madreen and Meeghan have worked tirelessly with teachers, homeschoolers and parents looking to help children learn to read to become a trusted authority in teaching children to read and advocating early literacy skills. They often partner with other educational experts to deliver the most current information to the Reading Patch community.


  1. Melinda Cole says:

    I am a kindergarten teacher. I have taught K for 27 years. I am always searching for new techniques as children learn in different ways. I am interested in ideas to help some of my struggling readers and want to share ideas with their parents for summer practice.

    1. Hi there,
      Fantastic! I am glad you arrived on our site. I would love to help you/I have a few ideas on what parents can do to help. I will send you an email so we can connect through email.

  2. Hello, i am a mother of 8 year old boy who struggles with reading.

    I will begin with your program ASAP.

    If you have any idea to help please email me.

  3. I plan to home school. My oldest is 3 and is obsessed with books. I would love to give her a head start but just have no idea where to even start. Can you send me more information with your program.

  4. I just found your site and am planning to get started with my 5 year old daughter. She knows her letters and sounds, she can identify the first sound in words but that is as far as I have gotten. I have tried a couple of different phonics programs but with no success. We will start Day 1 tomorrow. Any tips other than what I have read on your site? Thank you for all you do. Teaching my child to read is very scary.

    1. Do not be scared at all…we will help you! Our biggest piece of advice is to keep things positive and to make sure your daughter feels confident in what she is learning… If she does not feel like she knows what she is doing, she will not like what she is doing…(whether it is reading, playing piano, soccer, etc). So, we always say to teach to a little above where she feels comfortable. Did you find the area where to get our email every day for what to do each day?

      You can also always ask in our facebook group, OR, email me: [email protected] – I am happy to help… But, have no fear…teaching reading is easier than you think and we will help you every step of the way!

  5. Bianca Brown says:

    Hi I’m a mom of an 11 year old who has intellectual disability and it’s so hard teaching him how to read and comprehend is there anything that could help him out? Thanks in Advance

    1. Hi Bianca, I have been out of town and I am just now seeing this! Yes! There is a lot you can do to help him out 🙂 We are happy to help you along the way. Our Teaching Reading Made Easy program is awesome for children with special needs and who struggle with reading. A great place to start is here:

      We also have a paid program that has word for word directions to help you help him as well as all the resources you would need to do with him. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you want more info or you want to discuss more about your son so I can help further 🙂

  6. Um-e-HA Albaloshi says:

    Hi. I have two kids one is 18Months and my toddler is 4 years. I m don’t know how to teach them. Can you please help me

    1. Hi there, Thank you for your question. 18 months is definitely too small for learning to read -but there are some things you can do to help your toddler. You can read to your toddler and also just helping the toddler to learn new words by showing them new things and talking to them. In terms of the 4 year old, this may be too young as well…but many children are ready at 4 years old. What is most important is that you build confidence and a love of reading by reading to the 4 year old too. You can try out our reading program at: Our reading patch is designed to help you step by step along the way to teach reading. There are 3 free lessons you can try with your 4 year old to see if he is ready and learning…if he/she struggles at all -then wait a bit and go back to it…. If your child learns quickly with the first 3 days, he/she is ready to learn to read!

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