How to teach the confusing letter Gg

Teaching the confusing letter G

How many words can you think of that start with the letter G?  Mrs. Karle teaches a few in a goofy way today…she dresses up as a bunch of grapes to help reinforce the sound that the g makes!  Girls, grapes, green, Grandma are just a few words that begin with g!   Have you ever noticed the different ways a ‘g’ can be typed?

The letter g is very confusing and hard to teach. It has two different sounds, and two different ways the lower case g can be written. See more at https://www.sightandsondreading.comHow confusing?  It is no wonder it is so difficult to read….the same letter makes different sounds and the same letter can be typed and look two different ways!  Mrs. Karle explicitly teaches the different fonts of the different letter gs in her alphabet.  As you can see from the picture above…the letter g has both a giraffe, and a goat, showing the two sounds that the g makes.  There also are three letter gs as well -showing the confusing fonts.  Lastly, the upper case G is above the lower case g – visually showing the students the difference between upper and lower case letters.   Here is a video to help you learn how to teach the alphabet.  Below is a goofy video that children will enjoy…  how many things can you think of that start with the letter g?

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